Woking, U.K. female-fronted metalcore group Employed to Serve combine punk and technical death metal guitars with a healthy dose of melody, crunchy grooves, and swing from the rhythm section. Greyer Than You Remember, their 2015 debut album, garnered an active, involved -- and some would say fanatical -- audience of peers who relished the punishing riffs and socially conscious lyrics as the band's songs revealed intimate connections between personal and societal alienation, displacement, anger, malaise, and transcendence. As evidenced by 2017's The Warmth of a Dying Sun and 2019's Eternal Forward Motion, they have remained sonically true to core principles yet have evolved toward something more hooky, progressive, and hook-laden. 2021's Conquering was an album-length anthemic manifesto of perseverance and liberation.

The band began in 2011 as a grindcore bedroom project between Justine Jones (vocals) and Sammy Urwin (guitar, vocals). They enlisted the rest of the lineup the following year, consisting of James Jackson (guitar), Jamie Venning (bass), and Robbie Back (drums). Quickly, they gained a reputation for their live shows; this caught the attention of Holy Roar Records, who went on to release their debut album, Greyer Than You Remember, in 2015. Wanting to explore a heavier sound, the band returned to the studio, emerging with their second album, The Warmth of a Dying Sun, in 2017. They doubled down on doom and sludge elements for their third full-length, Eternal Forward Motion, with most of the tracks written in drop G tuning, encouraging Jones to adapt her vocal style into a lower register; they released their third album in 2019 through Spinefarm Records.

After touring across the U.K. and playing the European festival circuit, the band hunkered down to ride out the pandemic. They re-emerged with Conquering in October 2021 an anthemic collection that wed sub genres including nu-metal, thrash, post hardcore, death and prog metal.

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